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With a wealth of experience, SKIL Travel has the capability of fulfilling all your air charter requirements.

As every customer is different, SKIL Travel will look after all your air charter needs. Getting to know our customers means we know what they like which is why people return to SKIL Travel again and again. Ground transportation can also be arranged at both ends of your flight to ensure a seamless journey along with hotel reservations.

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Corporate Charters

We provide Corporate Charters to business executives. Corporate Charters optimizes high value time by avoiding airline check-in procedures. A Corporate Charter means you don't have to fit in with anyone else. Fly at a time to suit you, from any airport, including the small ones and experience a level of comfort, privacy, security and personal service which is unavailable from scheduled commercial airlines. Corporate Charters increases productivity as you can conduct meetings in comfortable luxury cabins onboard the aircraft. Hiring a Corporate Charter saves you the expense and risk of running your own aircraft.

Tourism Charters
We provide Tourism Charters for tour groups. If commercial flights do not fly on regular routes, that you did not always have to work your tour itinerary around airline schedules, Bafna Air is the answer. Tourism Charters enable large groups of any size to travel, eliminating the problem of finding a large number of tickets on one scheduled flight or splitting a group up. We also offer dedicated check-in areas for your group.

Film Shoot Charters
We provide Film Shoot Charters for film crew, cast and equipment. Hiring Film Shoot Charters give you a flexible schedule, which is very important in order to meet the deadline while shooting films. When the entire film production crew has to travel multiple shoot locations in an extremely tight time schedule, hiring a Film Shoot Charter is the ultimate solution.

Aerial Joyride Charters
We provide Aerial Joyride Charters for people who want to experience unmatched luxuries on board and soar 35,680 feet above the rest. Impeccable services and unimaginable facilities make the aerial joyride an unforgettable experience which gives us the power to go beyond the ordinary and make your flight extraordinary.

Pilgrimage Charters
We provide Pilgrimage Charters for people who wish to avoid other means of transportation and reach the desired pilgrimage destinations with complete comfort and care. Pilgrimage Charters are commonly used during peak pilgrimage periods when regular commercial flights are unavailable to transport pilgrims to and from the destination.

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